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Henry-Hank (Teo) Corley

7 miles from the South End. Easy parking. or 4 blocks from the Quincy Center redline station.

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Henry-Hank (Teo) Corley

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Henry-Hank (Teo) Corley, Principle
Recognized by:
1985 - present:    Member American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA)
2003        Board of Cosmetology; licensed
1997        International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy
1990        Massachusetts Department of Education Instructor Approval
1988        Massachusetts Chapter Meritorious Award
1987        AMTA National Recognition Award
1986        AMTA Registered Massage Therapist (teaching qualification)
2003        Bojack Academy for Cosmetology (1000 hr program)
1998        Zero Balancing Certification (12+ years training/practice)
1996        Gestalt Therapist Certification (2 year program)
1992        National Certification in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork
1988        AMTA National Sports Massage Certification
1986        Sports Massage Therapist - New England Institute of Massage
1985        Massage Therapist - New England Institute of Massage

2002 – present    Presenter and hair service provider for various fundraisers
2002 - present    Organizer and supervisor for various Mass Bay College massage events
2003                     Organizer and service provider for JOLI Children’s Benefit Fundraiser
1988 - 1994:    Member AMTA National Sports Massage Examiners Team
1988 - 1994:    Served on National AMTA committees including Curriculum Standards
1987 - 1990:    Boston Marathon Sports Massage Team Director
1986 - 1992:    Served on AMTA Massachusetts Chapter Board (President two terms)
1985 - 1992:    Volunteer on Boston Marathon Massage Team

Presentation Highlights for Allied Health Professionals:
•    Massachusetts Bay Community College Instructor (2001-present)
•    Boston Marathon/BAA
•    Boston to New York AIDS Ride
•    England Acupuncturists, Cornwall, Great Britain
•    M.I.N.E. Instructor (14 yrs)
•    Muscular Therapy Institute
•    National AMTA Convention
•    New England Dental Conference (1998, 2000, 2005)
•    New England Institute for Whole Health
•    New England Student Nurses Conference
•    Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island Chapter AMTA
•    Pittsburgh Center for Massage
•    Television guest appearances:  Alternative Health, Massage, and Sports Massage