Men's Personal Care and Wellness

QUINCY Center: 57 Coddington Street

7 miles from the South End. Easy parking. or 4 blocks from the Quincy Center redline station.

By appointment only (Sorry, no walk-ins)

Call 617 617-935-7072, email

Expert Professional Massage

Deep relaxation massage for $120
Teo Hank offers specialized work according to your pain pattern. This multidimensional work is designed to re-balance your body to create ease in your daily life. Appointments are 60 mintutes.
Deep tissue, structural massage for $145.
This session will be structurally deep, work on multiple levels to release myofascial restrictions and is therapeutic; therefore it is not strictly relaxing. Appointments are 75 hands-on minutes for a total of 90 minutes to allow time for discussion of your needs and a full hour+ hands-on time.

Outcalls also available for a whole spa experience at home!