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QUINCY Center: 57 Coddington Street

Henry-Hank (Teo) Corley

7 miles from the South End. Easy parking. or 4 blocks from the Quincy Center redline station.

By appointment only (Sorry, no walk-ins)

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Mens Waxing 

Pricing by body part (see list below).

           Hair re-growth after shaving is immediate and the stubble is coarse and rough. With waxing, the new hair takes weeks to come back, and is softer, lighter in color, and much sparser. Not only are the hairs removed but waxing exfoliates the top layer of dead skin cells The result may be softer, smoother, more translucent skin. Waxing may leave the skin silky smooth for up to 4 - 6 weeks or longer.
       Waxing also works well on the stomach, brows, back, legs and everything in between. Waxing often results in a slower hair return. Each waxing permanently destroys some hair roots and so space between the hairs increases. Less hair returns and the returning hair becomes finer. For some, the hair may be permanently gone.
       Removing hair does not make it grow back darker. However, some men experience "shading" of the skin where hair is removed becomes darker. This is usually due to exposing the skin to the sun within 48 hours after hair removal. For best results, use a sun block on newly treated areas.
       Skin is exposed to all sorts of staph and strep during a normal day. Please take a break from any activities that expose your skin to surfaces or people for 24-48 hours after waxing to give the skin time to heal any abrasions including things such as the gym, sexual contact, the beach, garden, playing sports. Use clean towels, linens and clothing to avoid such contact.
       If you are not allergic, use of an over-the-counter antibiotic cream can reduce a break out. Some clients respond well to the use of an anti-inflammatory (be sure to get the OK from your doctor before using any medication)
       As the hair grows back it may have trouble breaking through the skin. While many do not have any such problem, some skin/hair types are prone to this. To avoid this type of skin eruption (may include ingrown hairs, pimples, folliculitis), lightly exfoliate the skin daily beginning 2-3 days after waxing until the hair begin to re-grow.
      Occasional bruising, skin discoloration or irritation may occur from waxing. These will usually fade and disappear in short order.                          

             Private Waxing Studio
                     What's the cost for waxing?

A modest up charge for heavy hair or thick hair to cover extra product may be added.
Arms and leg and eyebrow prices include both sides.
All prices will be discussed and agreed to before the session begins.
 Buzzing for $1 per minute ($20 minimum)

Neck $7-12

Back (includes low back and upper shoulders) $60
Low Back only $10
Back (lincudes low back, shoulder from elbow up) $80                                                             Underarms $20
Arms full $80 (includes hands)
Arms lower half $40
Hands/fingers $15

Chest w/ stomach $60
Stomach $30
Legs $ 100-120
Lower legs $50
Feet/toes $15

Bum cheeks $40
Full Bum (w/cleavage) $55
Bum Cleavage only $25

Speedo/Bikini line (outside bikini) $25
Male Brazilian $55 (Bikini - pubic shaped)
Male Hollywood $65 (Full Bikini - all off)